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Version 1.6 in review

DevelopmentPosted by VPN Monitor Tue, March 01, 2016 06:46:48
Version 1.6 has just been released to the Appstore and is currently under review.

This version adds the following new functionality and bug fixes:

- Temporary disconnect option for safe networks

This will allow users to disconnect the VPN - the moment the network changes or the computer wakes from sleep the VPN connection will be reestablished.

- Quicker response and reconnect under El Capitan

- Easier "one-click" connect to another VPN Service

It is now possible to connect to another service immediately without the need to disconnect from the active service first.

- Animated icon to indicate connection progress

A blinking eye indicates a connection is being established

- Fixed an App Nap bug

VPN Monitor will now prevent App sleep when the VPN is connected - only with the option energy saving enabled it will go to sleep and reconnect at wakeup

- Updated help section

Clearer instructions on how to configure a VPN that automatically reconnects with VPN Monitor.

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