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DevelopmentPosted by VPN Monitor Tue, August 18, 2015 11:40:07
One interesting feature of the Appstore is the very large audience you can reach. After it's initial release in August 2014 VPN Monitor was downloaded from all corners in the world and feedback started to flow back.

One of the missing features from version 1.0 was the ability to work with network locations. Under MAC OS you are able to configure multiple "locations" such as "office", "home", "cafe", etc. which would have different network services enabled such as your "work VPN", "home VPN", "Cafe VPN", etc.

In version 1.0 VPN Monitor was only able to detect VPN Services configured under the "Automatic" network location. With VPN Monitor version 1.1; which was released in November 2014; this was solved by adding support for network locations.

Another feature in this new version was the adjustable timeout setting. In version 1.0 the maximum amount of time required to switch to an alternative VPN was fixed at 10 seconds. If it took longer than 10 seconds to connect, and multiple VPN Services were configured, VPN Monitor would decide that the server is unreachable and switch to the next VPN Service and try to connect. It proved however that this interval was too short to cover VPN connection setup around the world. Hence the request for a user adjustable time-out:

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