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VPN Monitor Version 1.0

DevelopmentPosted by VPN Monitor Tue, August 18, 2015 11:17:33
VPN Monitor was released for the very first time on August the 3rd 2014 on the Apple Appstore. Itr was initially created out of the personal need for a reliable and quick reconnect solution for a dropped VPN connection.

Other solutions were available, mostly through AppleScript, but these require continuous 'polling' of the VPN connection status. Something which would bog down the OS unnecessary and introduce a significant delay in responding as polling would take place every 10 seconds or so.

The better approach is to use the MAC OS notification system and get notified in real-time when the VPN connection is down. This is not possible with AppleScript and requires a "real" App in Objective-C. Other benefits are easy integration into the status bar, a nice GUI, keeping track of user preferences, integrated help, etc.

Once VPN Monitor App version 1.0 was working satisfactory, it was pushed to the Appstore in July and approved for sale on the 3rd of August.

(the original 1.0 version)

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